Unity Islamic Diary

This diary contains a very brief outline of 11 principles. This is not a conventional diary, it is not meant to be. It is a practical guide for success in this life and hereafter. It’s an attempt to bring about a change in one’s life. It is designed around 24 hours with Islamic messages to make a living habit. It is based on the Islamic principles communicated with modern management techniques of excellence. It is nothing new, as it is based on Islamic principles practiced 1,420 years ago. But with a unique approach it blends with modern management skills. It will lead into a new paradigm of Islamic thinking and practice. You will find creative explanation like lifetime planner, weekly planner, day planner, many Quran Ayath’s and Prophetic Sayings etc. A specially designed monogram will divide 24 hours into five segments with the Obligatory Appointments with Allah, according to Salath timings, which will be a new paradigm of a clock in your memory.


  • Based on the Islamic principles.
  • Practical guide for success.
  • Perfect blend of modern management and Islamic principles.
  • Day, Weekly and Lifetime planner.
  • Detailed explanation of 11 principles.
  • Intelligent time management.
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