24 hours Islamic living habit


Asslamu Alaikkum (Peace to you)

Hope you have read the 11 principles and also about the Islamic diary. The diary is an application of 7th principle which is known as 24 hours Islamic living habit.


This is not a conventional diary. What else is this?


This diary is a planner to do things as good deeds. There are certain planning guides in the book


1. Lifetime Planner

2. Decade Planner

3. Yearly Planner

4. Weekly Planner

5. Daily Planner for 24 Hours.


What you are today is the result of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. What you will be in future is decided by your thoughts, plans and actions of today.


Yesterday was an experience and a memory.


Tomorrow is an anxiety and hope.


Today is the day of action for the result of tomorrow. In Islam, past is the events well recorded. Thouba or repentance with the determination of not repeating is an opportunity to recover from the miss deeds of the past. Dedicated actions with a focus on Akhirah are a hope and inspiration for the everlasting tomorrow.


The diary is intended for this purpose. Planning /Review for lifetime, planning for the year, planning for 24 Hours, planning for a week, and planning for the year, and planning/review for life time followed by actions will automatically lead us to the destination of absolute felicity and bliss.


But to obtain this, one must act, one must practice and one must make use of this diary. In the last few years, the diary has been distributed world wide. Almost everyone was fascinated by its creativity and deep insight. But only a few make use of it. They have been benefited for a change. A change for the best. Now and forever. Alhamdulillah.


Thousands are born and thousands die everyday. Birth is a phenomenon to continue the human progeny. Death is the opposite of birth and death is inevitable for those who are born. Our birth was not our choice, nor will our death be. Between birth and death there is life. Life is the only area where we have freedom of choice and control.


Life has no opposite. Death is only a break in life, and life continues in different form after death and continues for ever.


Man struggles for the best in life. Comfort, pleasure, wealth, power, recognition etc., He has lost himself in this struggle as if life is the only means and death is the end.


But in Islam, death is not an end but a break in life. The break that leads to everlasting life and the earthly life is merely the path to it. Mankind is lost in the illusion of earthly life as being the means and end. This has caused enormous sufferings to humanity. 


Understand how our short earthly life, comparing to the everlasting Akhirah life. For the eternal life, the choice and actions are right in this life and for a short period.

 The misery and sufferings of individual and mankind as a whole is the forget fullness of the awe inspiring reality about Akhirah. To focus on Akhirah and to do our deeds is the only solution to attain this. Every successful man would realize the though he has been successful as a future it was always living in the present moment. To attain success on a sacrificed and worked hard to deep motivation. Similarly one live now for the everlasting future (Akhirah).To focus on Akhirah and to do good deals is the only solution to attain.


A famous writer on lateral thinking, Edward De Bono says, “I have read Bible and Qur’an. The Bible says, once you become a good human being , you will do good things but Qur’an says, once you do good deeds you become a good human being.”

Please make use of this diary and develop the habit of 24-Hours Islamic Living habit through good deeds, Keep in touch with www.unitypeace.com as a constant companion that will lead you to the straight and blessed path, the only path to success .We pray to Almighty Allah for the success of this venture, may it help you reform and lead a blissful life. Ameen .We request for your prayers as the best acknowledgement. Jazakallah

 Dr. C.P. Habeebur Rahman



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