Be punctual & Regular in Salath & establish Salath in Congregation as first habit


What can I do with Unity Islamic Dairy?

Unity Islamic Dairy can do a lot more than just playing Azaan at the specified time. Now you can create a planner and schedule it to suit your need. The schedule can be tuned not only for different times in a day but also for different Islamic dates.

Can a plan be scheduled for different time and repeated every day?

Yes. While creating a plan, we have an option to select the time. Also, we have an option to repeat the same plan on daily, weekly and monthly bases. So daily routine activities can be notified and monitored.

What is the use of blogs?

The presence of digital-based information technology has made the online space especially blogs as the most productive ground for religious preaching. Blogs appear to act as publisher of instant information, easily accessible and answering medium for all religious issues. Here you can gain knowledge of our religious information and news from all across the world.