11 Principles of Successful Islamic Living


Prepare yourself for a Paradigm Shift



Understand faith and reason are complementary and not contradictory



Move with the Divine Light



Follow the model of prophet Mohammad



Understand death is not the end but a break in life and end to all actions



Keep an Islamic compass always within you



24 Hours Islamic living Habit and lifetime planning



THink heaven for all and hell for none



Communicate the truth and nothing but thetruth and look for the response



Islamic Synergy



PTHink and act as if you are in the battle



There are very many books and literatures around the world on productivity, management skills and result oriented successful living philosophy. By application of these basic scientific principles of human interactions, it is understood that a positive result can generally be obtained, known as success. However, seldom we find books with similar approach on successful islamic living.

The material is an attempt in this direction with the combination and application of the following three branches of knowledge.

They are condensed into eleven simple but powerful principles (capsules). A deep reflection and practical application of these will bring a new insight to one's outlook and tremendous effect in one's living. Ultimately this will lead to success both in this world and the life hereafter.

The human race is the crown of God's creation on earth. He is the trustee with a special privilege. Despite man being honored with this title, his failure to understood God is a great loss to himself. This indeed is a reflection of his failure to understand the the basic requirements for his own survival on planet earth.

The beauty of islam with it's lofty message, it gives us a practical model, easy and simple to practice. The Holy Quran is the guidance Hudha and the prophetic Sunnah are its application. A successful Islamic book should consolidate with a focus on Quranic Guidance and Prophetic Practices.

is presented in a modern form, simple to understand and easy to practice

Before we begin with the principles for Successful Islamic Living, let us try to understand some of the basics.

What is the meaning of Principle?
The dictionary gives the meaning of principle as a general truth, a basic doctrine or a tenet, a rule adopted for the basis for action, a concept manifested in natural phenomena, a primary source from which anything proceeds.

What is the meaning of Islam?
Islam simply means attaining peace by voluntary and conscious submission to the will of God based on faith in Unity of God, practical living by Prophetic Guidance and strict Accountability of one's actions after death.

In Islam it is important to understand that ;

What is the meaning of Success?
For every successful activity there are three basic factors involved to produce the desired result. They are called I + P + A = END RESULTS

I = Idea
Idea is the foundation on which anything is built.

P = Plan
Planning is the process of making decisions on the basis of assumptions of what is likely to happen, an organized brainstorming.

A = Action
Steps and procedures for ideas and plans to realize.

End results
The three factors carried out sequentially with commitment will produce the End Results. The end result is the attainment of a desired goal termed as SUCCESS.

Success refers to a result oriented approach of human behavior. Success means progressive realization of worthy goals. Certain characteristics like deep motivation, positive approach, ability to decide, plan and act with perserverance, determination with patience, discipline and persistence to attain the desired goal, are few of the traits in understanding success.