Be punctual & Regular in Salath & establish Salath in Congregation as first habit

11 Islamic Solutions for Reasons of Failure in Life

Doubt: IMAN - Faith

The starting point of Islamic living is an unconditional faith in Almighty Allah. Faith and Doubt are like the Day and Night. They do not exist together. Once the strong faith is ingrained in one's heart and mind, which is called Iman, doubt automatically disappears.

Lack of Goal: AKIIIRAH - Life hereafter

The beauty of Islam is that, it gives a definite role in life towards a guaranteed goal- Akhirah or the everlasting life hereafter.

Failure to Identify: ALLAH - The one God

The starting point of Islam is the identification of God in original and pure form. This gives strength of mind and confidence to develop a relationship and gives hope in life's changing circumstances. It also enables to identify the definite role of man during his earthly life.

Lack of Knowledge: ILM - Knowledge

The first word communicated from Almighty Allah to mankind through Prophet (PBUH) is Iqra (to read); Islam encourages a learning process and education. It laid the first foundation of organized knowledge, which is an historical fact.

Imbalance: SALATH - Prayer

The five times regular Salath is the greatest balance of time management that could be seen anywhere in the world. It balances time, activities, personal relations, and keeps the individual's life in full balance.

Uncontrolled Passion: SAWM - Fasting

Compulsory and voluntary fasting is the best Islamic solution for all over indulgences in excessive sensual gratifications.

Selfishness (Inability to Share): ZAKATH - Institutionalized Charity

Compulsory sharing of our wealth with others is the greatest remedy given by islam for selfishness. Holy Qur'an frequently reminds one to give charity, which attracts others towards oneself.

Isolation: JAMA' ATH - Congregation

Regular 5 times Salath in congregation is the greatest gift of the Islam to protect the people being lost in isolation. This congregation is culminated in Hajj once in a lifetime, where human beings from different parts of the world meet each other and develop a passion for humanity and brother hood.

Being a part of falsehood: HAQQUE - Truth

Qur'anic Verse denotes all interpersonal dealings in Haque or truth, which keep them safe in their long-term relations.

Impatience and Anger: SABR - Patience

Islam encourages Sabr in all interpersonal dealings, protecting from anger and impatience.

Negative Thinking and Negative Deeds: AA'MALUS-SWALIHATH - Positive Thinking and Good Deeds

Islam encourages good deeds on a person in faith and thinking and encourages to deliver good deeds to the fellow men, which keeps oneself protected from the failure of negative thinking and negative deeds.
Islamic compass brings alignment in all spheres of life. The rope of Allah reins and guides us along the right direction in all our activities of life.