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11 Reasons for Failure in Life


Doubt is a disease. A man with doubt is like a man in sickness, unable to utilize his full potential for his success. A majority of the people, who fail in life, are the victims of doubt. Lack of self-confidence, doubting others are a few symptoms of a disease called 'Paranoid Schizophrenia'. Doubt is the negation of progress; where there is doubt there is no faith and no development. The first reason for failure in life is becoming a victim of doubt.

Lack of Goal:

Many people, who have not been successful in life, are not able to identify any definite goal in life. This results in uncoordinated movements of mind and body with aberrations of thoughts, leaving an individual to find an existence that succumb to circumstances.

Failure to Identify:

One of the reasons for failure in life is our inability to identify the right thing for the right purpose. Failure to identify the objects, names, goals, often leads to failures. Imagine how awkward it is to interact with your friend, when identified with a wrong name.

Lack of Knowledge:

Knowledge is power. Today, knowledge is also known as the resource for wealth. Ability to master knowledge keeps one ahead of others. The West is dominating because of its knowledge. Lack of knowledge is one of the main reasons for failures in life; all who lack knowledge are identified as failures.


The balance in nature is seen as a law, many a time human beings fail to maintain a balance between time, family, work, self and society, employer and employees etc.

Uncontrolled Passion:

One of the main reasons for the failures is the uncontrolled desire for sensual gratification like eating, drinking, sex etc. This not only leads to ill health but also brings down the image of the individual in the society.

Selfishness (Inability to Share):

Man by nature is selfish. Everyone thinks for oneself. Often one forgets to share one's good fortune with others; as a result one becomes the victim of hate, jealousy, vengeance etc.


One of the reasons for failure in life is to keep oneself in isolation. Inability to interact with others and develop smooth interpersonal relationship is another reason for failure in life.

Being a victim of false reality :

Many a time people are lost in falsehood, keeping away from truth, to gain immediate benefit. They do not interact with each other on the basis of truth, which would bring long-term relations with each other.

Impatience and Anger:

Impatience is the greatest disease for failure in life. It leads to anger, inability to continue a process and lack of perseverance, which eventually leads to one's failure.

Negative Thinking and Negative Deeds:

Negative thoughts eventually lead to negative deeds; being negative in life is one of the main reasons for failure.
The Qur'anic faith is based on Qalb (reason of mind and acceptance by the heart) a submission of unity in purity with humility and accountability. The Noble Qur'an leads us to the path of God. Destiny is moulded through this.