Be punctual & Regular in Salath & establish Salath in Congregation as first habit

Useful Hints for Successful Islamic Living

  • The starting point of Islam is Thouheed - Oneness of God, Unity of Allah in absolute purity. Any equation of the Creator to created things or creatures is the major sin. Cultivate Touheed Paradigm
  • Establish Salath as a regular and punctual habit. Be consistent in regular prayers. e Develop the habit of Zakath (Poor due), Sadaqa (Charity), helping the needy. Even smiling can be a charity.
  • Keep Akhirah constantly in mind for motivation and activation.
  • Think constantly about death, the inevitable journey, where there is no choice after reaching.
  • Make Islam interesting for self, family, children and others. Interest brings automatic motiva tion.
  • Observe voluntary fasts.
  • Develop the habit of the night prayer, a regular habit of the Prophet (PBUH), preferably in late 1/3 of the night, after sleep (Tahajjud Prayers)
  • Cultivate a habit of sleeping 2 hours before midnight and waking up 2 hours before sunrise.
  • Eat in moderation, fill the stomach 1/3 with solid, 1/3 with liquid and leave 1/3 empty. Start the food with a glass of cold water to diminish the craving for excessive food.
  • Leave the home with wudhu and remain in wudhu as much as possible even before sleep.
  • Have regular physical exercises and keep the body and mind clean and healthy.
  • Remember Dunya (Worldly life) is a 'ropewalk'. Identify and practice the different roles.
  • P-W-F-S-I
    P - Personal Role - as a truestee of Allah
    W - Work Role - to find an existence
    F - Family Role - to support spouse, children
    S - Social Role - man connot live in isolation
    I - Islamic Role - duty of every Muslim
  • Have a regular annual health check-up and look for the major killer diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, cancer etc. (All these can be managed well if detected early) Develop the habit of forgiveness, abandoning your right to resent towards those who have hurt you.
  • Choose a month preferably Ramadan to calculate Zakath. Understand that Zakath is an act of worship, which automatically purifies ones wealth.
  • Cultivate a habit of supplication, Dhikr (constant remembrance of Allah).
  • Grow and maintain a beard. Beard is a sign of wisdom and masculinity.
  • Adopt Hijab as the proper dress code for women.
  • Cultivate a habit of rejecting and avoidance of forbidden things like alcohol, lying and cheat ing, non-permissible sex and other forbidden things.
  • Honour the commitments and keep the promises.
  • Cultivate the habit of telling the truth and speak straight to the point. Never lie even in great adversity.
  • Master the habit of humility in the place of arrogance. Arrogance destroys individuals and society. Humility attracts individuals and communities.