Be punctual & Regular in Salath & establish Salath in Congregation as first habit

Positive Islamic Thoughts

The most inportant part of one's life is directly proportonate to the dominating thoughts of one's mind. The strength deeplty depends on desire, need, interest, challenge, will etc. It also depends on the technical pefection of the thoughts with a positive mental attitude and elimination of the negative ones.
Fixing a definite goal in mind is the starting point for eyery achievement. In Islam, the definite chief aim of life should be towards the attainment of Paradise. This can be achieved only if we have Taqwa (God Consciousness) and seeking all that is good on earth and in the Hereafter.
Submission to the Will of Allah is the stepping-stone or the opening door to the blissful life. This mental attitude can bring great benefits to one's life. To develop Positive Islamic Thoughts read the following, everyday to capitalize and profit from the hidden technique of conditioning the mind.
  • l am only a Slave of Allah.
  • My duty as a Slave is an unconditional submission to the Master.
  • I will surrender only to His Will and His Will cannot be questioned.
  • I have nothing of my own except what Allah has given to me and I am only a trustee of Him for appointed time.
  • What I possess ultimately belongs to Him including my body.
  • I will remember Allah before every action (Taqwa) and I will remember Allah before every reaction (Sabr).
  • For His Will and Pleasure, I will control what I think, what I say and what I do.
  • I will read, understand and follow the Divine Guidance of Almighty.
  • I will mould my character and behaviour as shown by His Final Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • I will uphold the Truth and I have the duty to Communicate the Truth and nothing but the Truth, as I will be Accountable.
  • I will fight for the liberation of oppressed and against falsehood in the Cause of Allah.
  • I will build trust as the foundation of all activities and i will remain sincere and trustworthy to all
  • I will use my qualities, knowledge and time efficiently.
  • I will seek all knowledge on the foundation of Divine knowledge from all the sources wherever it is available and impart wherever it is necessary.
  • I am conscious of my Role and Accountability towards Allah.
  • I determine to be punctual in Obligatory Prayers and I understand that my success remains in my Punctual Prayers and if I miss, I will be at greatest loss.
  • I will give Zakath which is due and purify my wealth.
  • I will indulge in charities, as this is the greatest virtue of the Prophet (PBUH).
  • I make intention to perform Hajj once in lifetime.
  • Allah is most Gracious, Most Merciful. Such Mercy cannot be seen in anyone.
  • I have every chance to benefit out of His Mercy.
  • I always plead for His Mercy and ask Forgiveness for my mistakes for He is Most Forgiving and I am hopeful that He will forgive me.
  • But I am also aware that He is the Master of the Day of Judgment and His Judgment is absolutely just.
  • I will strive everyday in every way to please Him and I am succeeding.
  • Ultimately, I Trust Allah in absolute faith in Unity and Purity with Humility and Accountability.
  • My Trust in Him is the hope for my Destiny.