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    New Feature - Tweet Alert

    Get reminder tweet alerts for your localized salath timings. If you are a Twitter power user, this is the best way to use Unity Peace and it is absolutely free and safe. Know More

What makes UnityPeace Time Management Application Special?

Daily Planner

Easy Planner

Planning is a tedious job. Unity Peace makes it much easier for you. Make the best use of your time. Improve quality of your career and life. Increase your reward in the life hereafter. Unity peace is specially developed for the Muslim brethren across the world to help you to get the best out of your time.

Salath Clock

Innovative Salath Clock

You can grasp it at a glance. Five hands to represent Salath timings. This is an innovative universal clock that automatically set for different time zones. It is the fulfillment of a long pending dream for many of us. Salath Clock is available in digital format too. You will never miss a prayer.


Spirituality meets technology

The application is built on the powerful frame work of Twitter fame 'Ruby on Rails' which supports millions of users at a time. The best technology is perfectly integrated with the life of a practicing Muslim. A new blend of high-tech simplicity.

salath Timings

Plan for a lifetime

Plan now to get the best results of your time. Plan for a day, plan for a week, plan for a month and plan for the entire lifetime. The Easy Planner will increase your productivity and improve your professional life. The planner will also bring you in harmony with your spiritual self.


Reminder & To-Do List

Easy memory for everything. Make best use of your time. Never forget anything again. The integrated reminder setup will tell you about your tasks and works-to-do today. The easy to use interface is very effective and you will love filling up much more activities everyday.


Twitter Integration

Tweet directly from your daily planner and inform your friends about your accomplishments and achievements. You can tweet custom messages also. UnityPeace time management tool is the best way to connect to the world without losing your productivity.

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